Your Toughest ADHD Medication Questions, Answered!

The best ADHD treatment plans all begin with one thing: accurate information. Here, a trusted expert answers your questions about the medications most commonly used to treat attention deficit.

How Do You Treat ADHD Plus a Mood Disorder?

Seventy percent of ADHDers will have another major psychiatric condition at some time in their life. Mood disorders, major depression, dysthymia, and bipolar mood disorder are the most common conditions that coexist with ADHD.
Most clinicians determine which condition is of most concern to the patient and proceed to treat that condition first. If the patient has suicidal thoughts, is unable to get out of bed, or is manic, the clinician will treat depression first and then reassess the symptoms of ADHD. If there is no urgency to treat depression, most clinicians will treat the ADHD first.
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