The ADHD-Dopamine Link: Why You Crave Sugar and Carbs

Mainstream weight-loss regimens don't work for us. ADHD brains crave dopamine, which sugar and carbs deliver in spades (or rolls, as the case may be). To get healthy, we first have to get wise — and crafty. Here's how to lose weight the ADHD way.

Graze Throughout the Day

To further avoid binging on food to satiate our dopamine cravings, ADHD adults should do the following:
1. Don't skip meals because you are too busy or distracted. You are much more likely to pile on unhealthy calories when you hit rock bottom.
2. Lance Levy, M.D., says that eating several mini-meals throughout the day (grazing) provides a "source of ongoing stimulation that may lessen feelings of restlessness in people with ADD."
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