6 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Managing ADHD

Omega-3s for concentration. Zinc for impulsivity. Iron for better behavior. Plus three more supplements shown to improve ADHD symptoms. How to augment your treatment plan with vitamins and minerals that work — and skip those that don't.

Take Optimal Amounts of Omega-3s

According to Dr. Sandy Newmark, author of ADHD Without Drugs, kids between four and eight years old should take between 1,000-1,500 mg. a day. Older kids should get 2,000-2,500 mg. daily.

Look for a product that has twice the amount of EPA to DHA—the two main types of omega-3s. Liquid or capsule forms of omega-3s are best. Other versions have lower amounts of EPA and DHA. (See our recommended omega-3 supplements for kids who hate pills.)
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