"If You Love Me, Please Take This Seriously"

We don’t mean to hurt you. But we do — again and again. You feel like screaming, pulling out your hair, or lying in bed and crying, “When will she get it? Will this ever stop?” I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that if you love someone with ADHD you need to read this with an open mind.

11. Know That We Feel Bad

It’s not always obvious, but deep inside our hearts and souls we know that we're driving you crazy. We feel bad about ourselves when we upset you. We know we’re difficult to deal with sometimes, and we feel shame and guilt over that. For most of our lives, other people have told us we weren’t doing our best or trying our hardest. These words took root and sprouted into doubt, worry, and performance anxiety. To this day, they tell us we were never good enough and we probably still aren’t. We live with that every day.

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