Signs of Adult ADHD? Or Old Age?

Your brain is foggy. You’re forgetful. You just feel mentally slower. Are these signs of normal aging, or something more? How to assess and cope with ADHD in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.

ADHD Later in Life

3.3% of adults between ages 44 and 85 have ADHD. That's 70 million adults, 80% of whom don't know they have attention deficit — until life's demands become unbearably overwhelming.

Maybe you are taking care of aging parents and children at the same time. Or feeling lost and listless in your empty nest. Maybe you are grieving a divorce or the loss of a relative. Whatever the cause, your life has veered off track and your normal coping mechanisms aren't working.

ADHD doesn't even cross your mind. More importantly, it doesn't occur to your doctors — and that causes big problems. Here, we’ll explain what ADHD looks like in midlife, and how to separate it from other cognitive decline.

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