How Do We Know the Medication is Working?

ADHD medication isn’t always a magic bullet, and sometimes it just doesn’t work for certain individuals. Experimentation can get frustrating fast when a med isn’t working the way you’d hoped. To aid the process of finding the best treatment plan for you, learn how to recognize good and bad signs of a medication’s effectiveness — as well as how to solve common problems — by using these strategies.

Fixing the Wrong Medication

If you think you’re taking the wrong medication, ask your doctor about switching. Make sure you try both types of stimulants (amphetamines and methylphenidates) — as well as a non-stimulant — before you give up on ADHD medication entirely. Remember: If you’ve only tried one ADHD medication, you haven’t really “tried ADHD medication” — you’ve just tried that one. If you don’t fully explore your options, you’re limiting your chances of finding the right treatment plan.
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