Better Than a Squirt Gun or Baby Doll

A fidget that doubles as a ruler. A safe crash pad for wrestling, jumping, and crashing. A hammock cocoon. And more ADHD-tested gift ideas for creative, spirited, sometimes forgetful and disorganized kids.

8. KidCash

Everyone knows kids with ADHD do great with rewards, but it can be a struggle for parents to implement systems that work for each child’s unique needs. Enter KidCash, a simple incentive system based on real-world economic principles. When your child behaves well, you reward her with realistic looking “cash” that can be exchanged for candy, device time, or put in savings. When she misbehaves, you can present her with “tickets” that can be paid for with cash she’s already earned. Your child will feel all grown up controlling her own “money,” and start to understand the consequences for her actions, too.
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