Better Than a Squirt Gun or Baby Doll

A fidget that doubles as a ruler. A safe crash pad for wrestling, jumping, and crashing. A hammock cocoon. And more ADHD-tested gift ideas for creative, spirited, sometimes forgetful and disorganized kids.

9. Tran-Quill Vibrating Pencil Kit

If your child struggles with handwriting — whether due to dysgraphia, poor fine motor control, or difficulty focusing — the Tran-Quill Vibrating Pencil Kit might be the answer. The pencil vibrates gently as your child writes, increasing focus and subtly improving pencil grip as your child builds muscle memory. To top it off (literally!) each Tran-Quill pencil comes with interchangeable Bite-n-Chew pencil tips, allowing chronic pencil chewers to get the oral stimulation they need while they work on improving handwriting skills.
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