11 Rules for Better Parent-Teacher Teamwork

Your child's teacher spends five to six hours with him each day. She doesn't know him like you do, but she sees things you can't — or won't. Here's advice from real parents and teachers who found ways to work together that really benefited everyone.

9. Be the Expert on Your Child

"Come to the table with solutions that work best for your child — you know her best! If you are willing to help create a plan and aid in it's implementation; you'll have great success." – Susan

"I prepare by boiling-down all the 'stuff' in my head about my child's abilities: what helps and what presents challenges. I make a bulleted list of 5 things (one page printed on color paper) I want the teacher to prioritize for my child — things the teacher can do to accommodate my child, plus my contact details and how we can get feedback to each other quickly." – Jane
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