Should We Medicate Our Child?

The decision to medicate (or not) is an agonizing one. Here, find answers to common questions, and factors to consider — like possible side effects of ADHD medication — when determining how to manage your child's symptoms.

Ditch Medication Shame

Drug therapy for ADHD is not a cause for shame. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad or incompetent parent. It shows that you care about your child, and you want him to have the best chance at success.

"One day I sat back and thought to myself, 'Am I not medicating because it's what's best for her or because I will feel like it's a personal failure?'" â€“ Shelly J.

We realized that our youngest was getting known as the 'troublemaker' and how that impacted her relationships within the family and at school. It felt selfish not to try medication to see if that would help."  â€“ Annmaria T.
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