How Sensory Processing Disorder Looks A Lot Like ADHD

Sensory Processing Disorder is not just about itchy tags. It is a complex and multi-faceted condition that is often mistaken for ADHD, anxiety, and other conditions. A must-read for parents by the author of "The Out-of-Sync Child."

At First, I Thought It Was ADHD

I got my start in Sensory Processing Disorder when I was a teacher — some of the kids I was teaching seemed so out-of-sync, and I couldn’t understand why. What was so dreadful about a tambourine being played? Why did some children avoid the jungle gym at all costs, while others could never get off? Why did one child never take his feet off the ground, ever? I wondered if it was ADHD — but the diagnosis didn’t quite fit. When I finally discovered SPD, it opened my eyes to what these children were dealing with.
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