12 Things You Don't Know About Me and My ADHD

What's it like having ADHD? I feel like a master of illusion. I’ll convince you I've got everything under control, but beneath the surface I hide anxiety, depression, self-doubt, shame, and feelings of inadequacy that even treatment can't erase.

6. I’m Too Compassionate

I care deeply about everything and everyone — from the skinny stray cats I feel compelled to feed to the homeless man sweating on the traffic island holding a cardboard sign. I take on everyone’s emotions (including and especially animals) as if they were my own. If I seem detached, it’s only because my mind is actively occupied with something or someone else.  

I’m not a people-pleasing, co-dependent, enabler; I am a compassionate, loving person who retains each person’s hurt, suffering, and sadness. I am an emotional sponge. And when I’m consumed by emotion, it’s hard to speak. Please don’t take it personally. 
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