12 Things You Don't Know About Me and My ADHD

What's it like having ADHD? I feel like a master of illusion. I’ll convince you I've got everything under control, but beneath the surface I hide anxiety, depression, self-doubt, shame, and feelings of inadequacy that even treatment can't erase.

My loved ones don’t know me.

Beneath my bubbly, exuberant exterior I hide a lifetime of anxiety. Below my enthusiasm and passion lay fear and exhaustion. I’ve felt them for so long they almost feel a part of me, but no one sees that.

They see a neatly made bed, a promotion at work, dinner on the table, and children who make it to school (just barely) on time. They see a competent, highly functioning, superwoman with a smile on her face. But behind that smile, I’m holding my breath or gritting my teeth almost all of the time — sure that my house of cards will fall at any moment. Thanks in large part to my ADHD, every task takes longer, feels harder, and wears me down in a way I could never explain. It’s lonely, perplexing, and exhausting hiding what’s inside.
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