Quit It! The 10 Worst Jobs for Restless Minds and Creative Spirits

Tedious, repetitive work is like Kryptonite for ADHD brains. Throw in some senseless deadlines, mindless filing, and persistent distractions, and you've got a living, breathing "Office Space." 10 jobs to avoid at all costs.

5. Librarian

Librarians are masters of quiet, self-guided organization. They keep every Dewey Decimal in its proper place without uttering a word — and often without much supervision to keep them on task. This is important work — and it is terribly suited to social, chatty ADHDers who enjoy a lot of stimulation. In addition, 20 to 60 percent of people with ADHD have one or more learning disabilities or language problems, which can make alphabetization and heavy reading difficult. 

A Different Perspective: "ADHD is actually a survival gift and is not a 'disorder'. We are attentitive to feelings, especially passionate ones. If you are passionate about books, you will be fine. We excel when we are driven by our emotions." – Courtney A.

"I worked in a library in college. I love shelving books. I can alphabetize and sort by number all day long and be perfectly happy. It's organizing things that aren't so easily categorized that I have such trouble with." – Jennifer L.
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