What Inattentive ADHD Looks Like In the (Not So) Wild

Inattentive ADHD can be mistaken for anxiety or depression in adults. In children, it may resemble a learning disorder. Here, we take an in-depth look at inattentive vs. hyperactive symptoms, so you get the right diagnosis.

The Inattentive ADHD Problem

Children with hyperactive ADHD symptoms are difficult to ignore. The ones bouncing out of their chairs or clowning behind the teacher’s back are the first to be evaluated for and diagnosed with ADHD.

Meanwhile, the students with inattentive ADHD (predominantly girls) are quietly staring out the window at a bird while their work lays unfinished. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, their symptoms are far less likely to be recognized by parents, teachers, and medical professionals, and they rarely get the treatment they need. This leads to academic frustration, apathy, and undue shame that can last a lifetime. This is a big problem. 
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