Panic Buttons: How to Stop Anxiety and Its Triggers

"Anxiety packs a 1-2 punch — first body panic, then mind panic. Fear follows you wherever you go." If this sounds familiar, reclaim control of your mental and emotional health with these simple, everyday solutions for relieving anxiety and stopping panic attacks before they spiral.

Set Up Your Launch Pad

You’re walking out the door; searching for your keys, changing your outfit, or grabbing your coffee mug. Then it happens; your heart beats faster, confusion sets in as you try to remember everything you might have forgotten. Your anxiety levels shoot up. It’s hard to plan in advance, but doing so will ease your anxiety and keep you calmer. Prepare a checklist the night before and set up a “launch zone” near the door for your keys, purse, phone, and other day-to-day essentials. Don't use tiny Post-its; write huge reminder notes and put them on the door where you exit. It only takes one minute to write a note that will make your day calmer.
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