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ADHD Information from A to Z

The ADDitude web site is organized according to the following Channels and Topics dedicated to ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities.

Just Diagnosed

Topic Keywords
About Learning Disabilities: Learning Disabilities | Special Education
ADD Basics: Expert Explanations of ADHD | Genetic Causes of ADD
ADD Symptoms and Statistics: Symptoms of ADHD
Diagnosing ADD: Diagnosing Children with ADHD | Adult ADD: Late Diagnosis
Getting Started: Choosing an ADHD Professional | ADHD Coaching | ADHD Support Groups
Life Stories
Myths About ADHD: Myths about ADD | Talking About ADD | ADHD Advocacy
Women & ADD: Moms with ADHD | Menopause in Women with ADHD

Treating ADD

Topic Keywords
ADD Medications: ADHD Medications | Drug Warnings
Alternative Therapies: Behavior Therapy | Diet & ADHD | Exercise & ADHD
Financing Treatment: Tax Deductions | Health Insurance
Fine-Tuning Treatment: Dosing ADD Drugs | Side Effects
Non-Medical Treatments: Nutrition & ADHD | Exercise & ADHD | Outdoor Remedies for ADHD
Related Conditions: Comorbid Conditions | Depression
Treating Children: ADHD Medication and Children

Parenting ADD/LD Kids

Topic Keywords
Behavior & Discipline: Behavior | Discipline
Friendships & Social Life: Making Friends | Social Skills
Healthy Minds & Bodies: Safety | Exercise | Anxiety & Stress
Holidays & Travel: Summer | Vacations & Holidays | Camp
Life Stories:
Parenting Skills: Parenting Tips
Schedules and Organizing: Organization Tips for Kids | Time Management
Sports & Hobbies: Team Sports | Individual Sports
Talking About ADD & LD: Talking About ADD | Person to Person
Teens & Young Adults: Teens | High School | College

School & Learning Disabilities

Accommodations (IEPs and 504 Plans): Your Legal Rights | Classroom Accommodations | IEPs | 504 Plans
Choosing a School: College
For Teachers: Tips for Teachers
Homework & Study Skills: Homework Help for ADHD Children
Life Stories:
Meds at School: Medication and Children | Dosing
The Organized Student: Organization Tips for Kids | Scheduling | Homework Help
Reading, Writing, Math: Reading | Writing | Math
School Behavior & Social Life: Classroom Behavior | Social Skills
Working with School: Talking With Teachers | Accommodations

Adult ADD/LD

Gadgets & Gizmos: Gadgets | Planners & Calendars | PDAs
Healthy Minds & Bodies: Diet | Exercise | Nutrition
Holidays & Travel: Vacations & Holidays | Summer
Life Stories
Love & Friendships: Relationships | Spouses | Social Skills
Managing Time & Money: Time Management | Finances | Bill Paying
Organizing the Household: Clutter | Housework | Meal Planning
Success on the Job: ADD at Work | Focus at Work | Job Hunting