Bonnie Mincu

Location: New York NY USA
Contact: Bonnie Mincu
Phone: 212-614-7317

"Thrive with ADD" coach Bonnie Mincu offers classes, coaching groups, and workshops by phone. Learn strategies for work, clutter/time management, and relationship challenges. Private coaching, specialty ADD adults.

  Keywords: Adult ADD/LD, Healthy Minds & Bodies
Life Skills, Social skills, Time Management
  Client Focus: Adults
  Service Area: Regional, In state, U.S., International
  Services Provided: In person, Via phone
  Description of Services:  

Coaching for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder is a process to help enhance your ability to manage your life, make decisions and achieve your goals. I'm Bonnie Mincu, a personal and business coach located in New York City. I specialize in working with Attention Deficit Disorder adults to help them thrive with ADD!

As an ADD coach, I partner with you to create strategies that allow you to reach your full potential in all aspects of life: work, relationships, and everyday tasks -- and to achieve a general sense of balanced well-being.

The Coaching Process is usually one-to-one, and can be done in-person, or over the phone. ADD- AD/HD Coaching involves a series of sessions that will combine learning about your own ADD traits, developing the ability to create strategies that work, and taking action towards reaching your desired goals.

Coaching is not psychotherapy. Although recognizing feelings and motivations is an important part of understanding yourself, coaching focuses more on going forward, creating strategies and taking action to produce the changes you desire. A coach will help you hold your focus and move ahead, but YOU are responsible for the movement, one small step at a time.

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