Treating ADHD in Children

Child-Friendly ADHD Treatments

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    More Carrot, Less Stick
    Behavior Therapy for Children
    The best programs to eliminate problem behaviors in children with ADHD — and where parents can find discipline help. More...
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    Fish Oil
    How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Work
    Research suggests a daily fish oil capsule can help curb the symptoms of attention deficit without medication. More...
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    The Sugar Wars
    Does Eating Sweets Exacerbate ADHD?
    Cutting back on sugary snacks could bring out the sweeter side of your ADHD child. More...
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    Critical Discussion
    Should We Medicate Our Child?
    Agreement on the best treatment plan for your child with ADHD begins with an open, honest dialog. Start here. More...
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    5 Rules of Pediatric Treatment
    Stimulant Medications for Kids
    Using medication to treat your child's ADHD symptoms isn’t as simple as filling a prescription and living happily ever after. More...
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    The Whole Package
    Designing a Comprehensive Treatment Plan
    Medication only treats the neurochemical deficiencies of attention deficit. How to address the psychological and social problems, too More...
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    ADHD Drug Holidays
    Taking a Break from Medication
    Important considerations when pondering a "drug holiday" for your child with attention deficit disorder. More...
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    Brain Training
    New Innovative ADHD Treatment
    Learn how to treat ADHD symptoms with neurofeedback, working memory training, and meditation. See more...
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    Are Froot Loops Evil?
    Food Dyes and Hyperactivity
    Artificial dyes in foods have been linked to hyperactivity in a child with ADHD. Here are healthy substitutes. More...
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    Dealing with Side Effects
    Common Problems with Medication
    What to do when your child's ADHD medication suppresses her appetite, gives her tics, or otherwise complicates her treatment plan with side effects. More...
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    Green Time
    How Outside Exercise Can Ease Symptoms
    Research shows "green" time can lead to an increased ability to focus. More...
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    ADHD Diet...For Kids!
    Balanced Meals, Better Behavior
    Changing your child's diet can be an effective alternative ADHD treatment. Here's how! See more...
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    Testing for Food Allergies
    Putting Your Child on an Elimination Diet
    Eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, gluten — food sensitivities could be making your child's symptoms worse. More...
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    Natural Treatments for Anxiety
    How Can I Help my Nervous Child?
    "My ADHD son is constantly worried about everything. Are there any natural treatments we can try?" More...
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    Ask the Expert
    Is 6 Too Young to be Treated for ADHD?
    "My son struggles at school and has 'mild ADHD' — but his doctor won't treat him. What does that mean?" More...
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    All About Atentiv
    A Fun Approach to Brain Training
    Brain training has shown exciting promise in easing ADHD symptoms. The Atentiv System takes it to a new level, says Dr. Ned Hallowell. More...
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    6 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
    Treat ADHD With Supplements
    Omega-3s for concentration. Zinc for impulsivity. Iron for better behavior. Plus three more supplements shown to improve ADHD symptoms. More...
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    ADHD Medication FAQ
    Your Questions, Answered!
    Wondering about what dose you should take or how long it will take your meds to work? A doctor answers all your medication questions here! See more...
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    Maximize Benefits
    7 Rules for Using ADHD Meds Safely
    Getting a correct diagnosis and staying in touch with your doctor are two easy ways to make sure your medication does what it should. More...
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    Fun and Games
    How Family Play Boosts Executive Function
    Evidence suggests that these old-fashioned childhood games can improve executive function, working memory, and self-control in kids with ADHD. More...