Sharpen the 3 Rs

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    Reading Comprehension Help
    The ADHD Way to Read
    11 expert strategies for engaging your child's imagination, encouraging note-taking, and building on background knowledge. More...
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    Cool Reading Tools
    Educational Software for ADHD
    6 apps and websites that help ADHD kids develop great reading skills — and have fun doing it! More...
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    Handwriting Help
    How to Conquer Messy Work
    10 ways to help your show what she knows with neater handwriting that comes from practice, a good grip, and multi-sensory guides. More...
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    Understanding Dyscalculia
    When Things Don't Add Up
    If math is a nightmare for your child, he may have a learning disability. Learn the signs here. More...
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    Verbal Skills for ADHD Students
    Sharpen Speaking Skills
    Strategies to help ADHD students overcome the anxiety, memory loss, and disorganization that may discourage them from speaking up. More...
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    The Write Tools
    High-Tech Solutions for ADHD Writers
    From digital transcription tools to visual dictionaries, use these assistive technologies to help your child use her words—and let her ideas shine. More...
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    ADHD Accommodations for Math
    Math Explanations for Every Brain
    7 study strategies for helping students understand all types of math problems. More...
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    Writing Tricks
    Fearless Paper and Essay Writing
    18 strategies to help your ADHD student overcome their fear of writing essays and papers for school. More...
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    Creative Learning Tricks
    Master the 3 Rs
    Try these teacher-tested learning strategies to help your child improve his reading, writing and arithmetic. More...
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    Book Smart
    Children's Books on ADHD
    A comprehensive collection of books for young readers with ADHD or LD themes. More...
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    Solve for X
    Algebra with ADHD
    Parents and teachers can help teens master high school algebra with these tips and tricks. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Education Expert
    Helping a Visual Learner
    "My ADHDer has trouble with oral vocab quizzes—she's a visual learner who needs to see the words." Read the expert response...
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    Life Story
    "My ADHD and Me"
    A 12-year-old student muses about balancing attention deficit with her special abilities in class. More...