Making Sense of IEPs and 504 Plans

Secrets to Great IEPs and 504 Plans

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    Education Expert
    IEP vs. 504 Plan: What Is the Difference?
    Special-education attorney Susan Yellin explains the important distinctions between IEPs and 504 Plans. More...
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    When He Needs Extra Help
    Informal vs. Formal Accommodations
    When teacher-led classroom help isn't enough, know your child's legal rights to formal accommodations. More...
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    Talking to Teachers
    8 Rules for School Meetings
    Follow this plan to get the most from special-ed meetings with teachers and school administrators. More...
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    Critical School Records
    The Best Paperwork Plan
    A checklist of key school records that every parent should keep and file carefully. More...
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    Working with the School
    What to Expect at Your IEP Meeting
    How to prepare for your IEP/504 meeting, what to hammer out, and how to follow up for the best results. More...
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    Expert Video
    What Every Good IEP Includes
    Harvard's Dr. Robert Brooks on the essential components of an IEP, and what parents should do if the accommodations aren't working. More...
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    Is Your IEP Working?
    Reviewing Accommodations
    How to take stock of your child's special-ed plan and catch problems early. More...
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    IEP Fixes
    If the School Fails Your Child
    What to do if the school does not honor and enforce your child's IEP and its hard-won accommodations. More...
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    Expert Q&A
    How to Fix a Broken IEP
    "My son's teachers aren't following his IEP and they won't return my phone calls. What can I do?" Get the answer...
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    Expert Q&A
    Read This Before Your IEP Meeting
    Don't let your child be cheated out of services. A new, broader interpretation of 504 Plans puts the law on your side. More...