ADHD Awareness Month: Get the Facts, Spread the Word

The Truth About ADHD

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    Sanity Savers
    What NOT to Say to Parents
    10 myths, misperceptions and lies every ADHD parent is sick and tired of hearing. More...
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    Common Questions Answered
    Yes! ADHD Is a Real Disorder
    Help change public opinion about ADHD by reading these common questions and well-informed answers. More...
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    Get the Facts
    Download these useful resources and share them with teachers, family, co-workers, and others touched by ADHD. Download...
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    Real ADHD Stories
    The Many Faces of ADHD
    11 essays from ADHDers — young and old, men and women — that explore the diversity of this disorder. Download...
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    Act Locally
    How to Start a Support Group
    How to connect with other ADD adults, parents of ADHD children, spouses, professionals, and others touched by this disorder. More...
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    Myths, Signs, Solutions
    The Truth About Learning Disabilities
    Could your child have a learning disability? Get expert advice on identifying and managing LDs like dyslexia and dysgraphia. More...
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    Free Resource
    Find Your Voice, Speak the Truth
    How to start spreading facts and busting myths about attention deficit. More...
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    Life Story
    Overcoming the ADHD Stigma
    An expert psychologist shares his secrets for fighting ADD ADHD stereotyping in children and adults. see more...
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    What Is ADHD?
    Talking to Family and Friends
    Help friends and family understand that ADHD is a real disorder with real symptoms and real solutions. see more...
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    Tool Kit for ADHD Professionals
    How You Can Help
    To help you and your business/organization prepare for ADHD Awareness Month, we've put together a brand-new Tool Kit for ADHD Professionals. get the Tool Kit now!
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    Expert Video
    An Inspired Way to Explain ADHD to Kids
    The "strength-based model" that Dr. Hallowell uses to explain ADHD to a child that has just been diagnosed. Watch the video...
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    Get the Word Out
    Sample Letter to the Editor
    Help raise awareness about attention deficit this month by using this sample letter to the editor. see more...
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    What Are You Doing?
    Tell Us How You're Advocating for ADHD
    What activities do you have lined up to raise awareness about ADHD? Share your ideas here! start sharing...