Guide to ADHD Awareness Month: Celebrate & Educate

The Truth About ADHD

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    Common Questions Answered
    Yes! ADHD Is a Real Disorder
    Help change public opinion about ADHD by reading these common questions and well-informed answers. More...
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    Free Facebook Cover Photo
    Download Now to Spread the Word!
    Click the link to download our ADHD Awareness cover photo, to display on your Facebook throughout the month of October! Download now...
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    The Truth About ADHD
    12 Things You Don't Know About My ADHD
    Adults with ADHD are masters of illusion. We’ll convince you we’ve got everything under control when really we feel totally recklessly in shambles at all times. Here are the truths about our ADHD that we’ll never tell you. More..
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    Practical Advice from Parents Who 'Get' ADHD
    Special ADHD Awareness Webinar
    Join expert Dr. Peter Jensen as he shares parenting lessons learned by 100 families who've raised happy, successful children with ADHD. Sign up now...
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    Sanity Savers
    What NOT to Say to Parents
    10 myths, misperceptions and lies every ADHD parent is sick and tired of hearing. More...
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    Hindsight Is 20/20
    10 Things I Wish I'd Known About ADHD
    Now I know that what others misidentified as ‘wrong’ or ‘different’ was actually extraordinary — and that ADHD can be an incredible asset if appreciated. More...
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    Act Locally
    How to Start a Support Group
    How to connect with other ADHD adults, parents of ADHD children, spouses, professionals, and others touched by this disorder. More...
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    Real ADHD Stories
    The Many Faces of ADHD
    11 essays from ADHDers — young and old, men and women — that explore the diversity of this disorder. Download...
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    "Just Try Harder!"
    Reader Responses to Rude Words
    Adults with attention deficit disorder share what they say to those who tell them to "just try harder." More...
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    Free Resource
    Sample Letter to the Editor
    How to start spreading facts and busting myths about attention deficit by reaching out to your local media. More...
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    Life Story
    Overcoming the ADHD Stigma
    An expert psychologist shares his secrets for fighting ADHD stereotyping in children and adults. see more...
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    Speak the Truth!
    21 Myths About ADHD
    Many falsehoods exist about attention deficit. Here are 21 completely false "facts" about ADHD. More...
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    Expert Video
    An Inspired Way to Explain ADHD to Kids
    The "strength-based model" that Dr. Hallowell uses to explain ADHD to a child that has just been diagnosed. Watch the video...
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    ADHD Myths & Realities
    Talking to Family and Friends
    Help friends and family understand that ADHD is a real disorder with real symptoms and real solutions. More...
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    What Are You Doing?
    Tell Us How You're Advocating for ADHD
    What activities do you have lined up to raise awareness about ADHD? Share your ideas here! start sharing...