The Truth About ADHD in Women

All About ADHD in Women

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    ADHD Toolbox
    A Symptom Checklist for Women
    Do you feel overwhelmed at stores? Are you called "spacey"? Does your life feel out of control? Common signs of ADHD in women. More...
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    Stop the Cycle of Shame!
    Why Early Diagnosis Is So Critical
    The stigma of unrecognized ADHD symptoms can put women through years of low self-confidence, shame, and psychological damage. More...
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    ADHD Questionaire
    What ADHD Looks Like In Girls
    Is your daughter a quiet daydreamer? Does she pick her cuticles? Is she boy-crazy? Learn about the signs of ADHD in girls. More...
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    A Case of Medical Discrimination
    Why Girls Go Undiagnosed
    Boys are evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD more often than girls, even though the disorder is equally prevalent in both genders. Learn Why...
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    Is it ADHD or Menopause?
    How to Tell If It's One -- or Both
    How menopause affects memory, attention, and relationships as women age. And how to untangle hormonal changes from undiagnosed ADHD symptoms. More...
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    Late Diagnosis, Little Treatment
    Symptoms Unique to Women
    Too often, women and girls go undiagnosed and untreated because ADHD looks different for females. Learn how to recognize symptoms and get help. More...
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    Hormones, Puberty and Menopause
    The Changing Face of ADHD for Women
    The severity of symptoms change throughout the month (and life!) for women and girls. Here's what you need to know to manage them. More...
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    Bulimia and ADHD
    Are You At Risk?
    Impulsive women, particularly ones with ADHD, are especially prone to eating disorders like bulimia. More...
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    ADHD Videos
    Expert Explanation of ADHD & Women
    Dr. Sarkis, Ph.D., explains why females are often diagnosed later in life, how symptoms can be different, and how to manage them. Watch Now!
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    The ADDitude Interview
    The Answer Man on Women
    Clinical psychologist Thomas Brown tells why middle-aged women suddenly develop ADHD and why many doctors just don’t understand attention deficit. More...
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    Living With ADHD
    Give Yourself A Break
    Women with ADHD are often "pleasers." Stop being superwoman with these tips, like giving yourself permission to say no. More...
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    Life Story
    "What Normal Feels Like"
    After finally being diagnosed with ADHD, one woman's bursts of anger and disorganization fell into place. What She Wished She Knew...