A Handbook for Teachers of ADHD Kids

Tips by Teachers, for Teachers

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    The Well-Balanced School Day
    Why You Should Begin Each Day with T'ai Chi
    How to transform your classroom into a stimulating hub of learning with some healthy variety and steady rules for children with and without ADHD. More...
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    Dear Teacher:
    What You Should Know About My ADHD
    A young boy's message to his teacher about unlocking his gifts and working with his needs in the classroom. More...
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    Expert Checklist
    7 Steps to Powerful Teaching
    Remember that inconsistency is a hallmark of ADHD. Plus 6 more teacher tips for starting the year on a positive, energized note. More...
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    Great Expectations
    Classroom Rules for ADHD Kids
    How to establish clear expectations, incentives, and consequences for all students in a classroom that fosters uninterrupted learning. More...
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    1, 2, 3 — All Eyes on Me
    How to Draw Students' Focus
    Educational consultant Sandra Rief offers 6 strategies for getting ADHD kids to stop, listen, and comply. More...
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    See. Hear. Touch.
    50 Ways to Help Learning Happen
    50 ways to adjust your teaching methods for students' distinct learning styles — auditory, visual, tactile. More...
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    Expert Blog
    "Teacher, I Need Your Help!"
    "I am not crazy, lazy, bad, or stupid." And other things every ADHD student wants their teacher to understand. More...
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    Teaching Textbook
    How to Teach Spelling to ADHD/Dyslexic Kids
    4 creative solutions to the most common problems that children with ADHD and dyslexia face when learning to spell new words. More...
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    Whole-Group Learning
    How to Encourage Class Participation
    Some ADHD students hesitate the raise their hands. Others blurt out too often. Here are strategies for getting everyone to participate. More...
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    Instruction Manual
    How to Give ADHD-Friendly Directions
    Even when they try to listen closely, ADHD students often miss specific steps or instructions. Here's how to make the important stuff stick. More...
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    Expert Q&A
    A Teacher's Inappropriate Discipline
    How parents should react when they suspect a teacher is enforcing unfair or demeaning consequences for ADHD behavior. More...
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    Focus in the Classroom
    7 Ways to Keep Students Involved
    If you're not appealing to ADHD children, they aren't learning! Grab their attention with these classroom strategies. More...
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    ADDitude Blog
    What to Do When the School Doesn't Get Your Child
    When a teacher blames laziness for her son's ADHD symptoms, one mom finds school accommodations to help his attention deficit, dyslexia, and self esteem. More...
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    Get the Teacher On Your Side
    9 Tips for Enlisting a Supportive Teacher
    Teachers often dictate the success or failure of a child's education. Here's how to get the teacher on your side. More...
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    Doing Lessons Right
    How to Get Through to ADHD/LD Kids
    Reach all of the students in your class, including the non-traditional learners, by adopting these teaching techniques. More...