How to Prevent Learning Loss

Summer Learning for ADHD Kids

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    Summer Reading Programs That Work
    How to Build Comprehension Skills
    Studies show that kids who read are better prepared academically for the school year ahead. How to encourage reading...
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    Stop Summer Learning Loss
    Help ADHD/LD Students Stay Sharp
    13 parents share their winning strategies for keeping ADHD minds sharp — and rejuvenated — during summer vacation. More...
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    Expert Blog
    4 Ways to Bring Books to Life
    Expert strategies for making summer reading fun, and for building retention, comprehension, and creative muscles with every chapter. More...
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    Build on Passions and Strengths
    Summer Success for ADHD Campers
    9 things every parent should know before enrolling their child in a summer camp or class — from choosing an ADHD-friendly program to ensuring consistent treatment. More...
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    Let the Games Begin
    Outdoor Activities to Spark Summer Learning
    Outdoor activities to help your child build skills and confidence during the summer vacation. More...
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    Campfire Confidence
    Boost Self Esteem at Camp
    How three ADHD boys built up self-esteem, social skills, organization, and academic strategies at remarkable sleep-away camps. More...
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    Expert Video
    Don't Let His Brain Go Flabby
    For children with ADHD, learning disabilities, and memory problems, summer learning loss can pose a real threat to the school year ahead. Here's what you can do. Watch the video...
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    The Librarian Mom
    Great Books for ADHD Kids
    Summer reading that keeps learning alive once school's out, selected by a school librarian and mom to an ADHD child. More...
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    Fun Family Routine Builders
    The Best Summer Ever
    Parents and experts reveal how to boost smarts and avoid boredom during the lazy days of summer. More...
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    Learning Camps for ADHD Kids
    How to Get an Academic Edge
    The secret to a better school year? Engaging their brains all summer long. These camps do just that — and help kids with ADHD hit the ground running in Fall.
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    Passion Project
    Starting a Special Summer Project
    Is he musical? Mechanically inclined? An outdoor advernturer? Ask these questions and more when picking a long-term summer project with your child. More...
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    In Your Words
    "What Our Family Vacation Taught Us"
    "Camping is trial and error, fishing is trial and error, and life is trial and error. You risk making mistakes to discover the good parts." More...
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    Summer School Alternatives
    What If We Just Kept on Learning?
    Creative solutions to learning loss for kids who thrive on routine and structure. More...
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    ADHD Mom Blog
    How I Reduce the Summer Stress
    The kids are home, everyone wants to get together, and you’re expected to have fun, fun, fun. Here’s how an ADHDer can stay sane. More...