Building Friendship Skills at School

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    Social Skills Apps
    High-Tech Solutions
    Stronger social skills could be a tap and a slide away, with these 8 friendship-boosting apps. More...
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    Tease-Proof Your Preteen
    Tips for Teaching Social Cues
    Practicing social skills at home will make school a much friendlier place for your ADHD preteen. More...
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    Teaching Teamwork
    ADHD in the Classroom
    ADHD students can achieve real social gains through group learning. Here are 5 tips for teachers. see more...
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    Acting Out Social Situations
    Role-playing strategies to help your child practice getting along with all types of classmates — even bullies. More...
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    Middle School Social Success
    Develop Your Child's Social Network
    Help your child navigate new peer dynamics as she enters the dreaded and feared middle-school era. More...
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    Social Superstar
    Kindergarten Social Skills
    The transition to kindergarten can be tough. Help your child make friends with these social strategies. More...
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    Social Solutions
    Making Friends in the Classroom
    Tips for teachers to help ADHD children develop social skills at school and forge lasting friendships. More...
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    Life Story
    "How I Beat the School Bully"
    Does your ADHD child face torment at school? Learn how this ADHDer and his mom beat the class bully! More...
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    And So It Was Learned...
    Storytime for Social Skills
    Forget lectures. Tell a fun fable to help your child grasp important lessons on friendship. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Parenting Expert
    Child Aggression at School
    "I'm told that my five-year-old ADHD son is aggressive at school. What should I do?" read the expert response now...