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    You Rocked That!
    Boost Her Self-Esteem
    Kids with ADHD and learning disabilities too often feel badly about themselves. Here's how parents can pump up their academic and social esteem. More...
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    Clarity. Praise. Rewards.
    How Behavior Therapy Works
    How rules and structure can encourage positive traits and strengthen your relationship with your kids. More...
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    Life Story
    One Big Hyper Family
    What's the key to raising a happy, well-adjusted family? ADHD expert Dr. Silver explains. More...
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    For ADHD Parents
    What Worked for Me
    "It was the blind leading the blind. If I couldn’t keep my own workspace organized, how could I expect her to keep her bedroom and playroom in order?" More...
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    Ask the Parenting Expert
    How to Explain the ADHD Diagnosis
    "My son was diagnosed with ADHD. What’s the best way to tell him? I don’t want him to feel 'different.'" Read the Expert Response...
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    Communication Skills
    What's on Your Mind?
    Do you have a tough time getting through to your ADHD child? Here's how to get her to open up. More...
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    5 Parent Secrets
    Help Him Shine
    Follow these strategies to reveal and appreciate your child's special gifts. More...
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    12 Rules for Moms & Dads
    Punishment Is Not Discipline
    Accept the fact that your child — like all children — is imperfect. Don't believe all the "bad news" about your child. And 10 more rules for parents. More...
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    Raising a Role Model
    Michael Phelps' Mom on ADHD
    Olympic superstar Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD at age 9. He went on to win a record-setting 18 gold medals. More...
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    Dealing with Guilt and Sadness
    Conquering Mixed Feelings Over a Diagnosis
    Being your child's biggest advocate can be exhausting. Here's how to make it a labor of love, not a recipe for burnout. More...
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    Life Story
    "How I Learned to Love My Child's ADHD"
    After years of wishing my son could be "normal," it took a father-son trip to delight in his wonderful brain. More...