When Old-Fashioned Parenting Doesn't Work

Solutions to Common Behavior Problems

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    Dos and Don'ts
    Secrets of Smart Discipline
    Tired of nagging and yelling? Follow these simple tricks to encourage good choices from ADHD kids. More...
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    "I'm So Proud of You!"
    Parenting Through Positive Reinforcement
    How to emphasize your child's strengths and set realistic goals for improving weaknesses. More...
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    Recommended Reading
    8 Best ADHD Parenting Books
    Put your child on the path to being healthy, happy, and in charge with this list of top ADHD parenting books. More...
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    Dr. Peter Jaksa On...
    5 Secrets of Better Discipline
    Fool-proof strategies for managing your lovable, impulsive child with attention deficit disorder. More...
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    Secret Weapon
    The Nag-Free Tool for Better Behavior
    No nagging, no reminders. Achieve cooperation with this one-minute strategy to help kids remember the rules. More...
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    Just Breathe
    10 Sanity Savers for ADHD Parents
    There's only one person you can control, and that's you. So here are the actions you can take to feel supported, understood and way less stressed. More...
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    Discipline Tricks
    How to Achieve Order in the House
    A leading parenting expert shares his secrets for dealing with ADHD behavior problems. More...
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    Behavior Therapy
    How to Promote Discipline & Focus in Kids
    Research reconfirms the benefits of behavior modification. Here's how parents can make a real difference in their children's ADHD behavior – starting now. More...
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    Clarity. Praise. Rewards.
    How Behavior Therapy Works
    How rules and structure can encourage positive traits and strengthen your relationship with your kids. More...