ADHD Summer Camps & Beyond

Make the Most of This Summer Vacation!

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    Recommended Summer Camps
    Programs Designed for Our Kids
    How to choose the best summer camp for your child, whatever his special needs or areas of improvement. More...
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    A Vacation Gameplan
    7 Rules for a Better Summer
    Simple strategies to keep your child involved and prepared for the new adventures he'll face at camp. More...
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    Expert Tips
    Ready for Sleepaway Camp?
    How can you be sure your child is ready for overnight camp? 7 ways to assess your child's maturity. More...
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    Next Stop, Camp!
    How to Ease the Transition
    Worried about your child's behavioral or social issues while she's at camp? Check out these strategies to get her ready. More...
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    Ask the Expert
    How Do I Reassure My Homesick Child?
    "My kid gets homesick no matter where he goes, even sleeping over at his cousins’ house, a block away. How can we help him?" More...
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    Campfire Confidence
    Summer Programs that Build Self-Esteem
    How 3 boys built up self-esteem, social skills and organization at sleep-away camp. More...
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    When Can I Go Back to Camp, Mom?
    Three Tales of Success
    These parents signed their kids up for summer camp and found that they came home smarter, more confident, and happier. More...
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    Promoting Academic Growth at Camp
    Keep Them Learning Year-Round
    Three summer programs that offer fun, friends and — most importantly — learning to children with ADHD and LD. More...
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    Which Camp?
    How to Pick an ADHD/LD Summer Camp
    Read the 13 questions parents should ask when picking a camp for their child, focusing on the camp's style, your child's needs, and more. More...
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    Are Drug Holidays Safe?
    Should We Take a Medication Break?
    Important considerations when pondering a "drug holiday" while your ADHD child is at camp. More...