End the ADHD Homework Wars

Build Stronger Study Skills

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    Get it Done!
    Learn to Fight Distractions
    6 ways to regain focus when distractions derail you from important (and sometimes boring) assignments. More...
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    Term-Paper Help
    3 Weeks to Success
    Choose a topic, organize your time, and write an A+ research paper with this week-by-week plan. More...
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    Finish Your Homework!
    Tips for Teachers and Parents
    Strategies for the classroom and at home to help ADHD students keep track of their assignments. More...
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    Is High-Tech Better?
    Learning Tools That Really Work
    Parents of ADHD kids share high-tech and low-tech strategies for helping their child stay focused. More...
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    Test-Taking Tips
    Ace Every Exam
    The insider's guide to conquering any test — whether it's a multiple-choice math quiz or an in-class essay. More...
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    Homework Helpers
    Learning Tools Put to the Test
    ADDitude blogger Kay Marner reviews three products designed to help ADHDers learn and focus. More...
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    Fast Fixes
    Finish Homework Faster
    Try these tips right when your child gets home from school — he'll be done with his work in no time! More...
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    Ace the SAT
    Standardized Test Tips
    7 strategies to help your ADHDer keep cool during the big test — and get the score he deserves. More...
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    Homework Without Tears
    12 Tips to Limit Homework Stress
    Help your dyslexic or ADHD child manage their workload without feeling pressured. More...
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    In Your Words
    Stress Tests for ADHD Kids
    "Not only are the numerous prep days stressful, the actual days of standardized testing are our children’s worst nightmares." More...
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    Ask the ADHD Learning Expert
    Struggling With Homework
    "My son has trouble completing his homework, but insists he doesn't need help. What can I do?" Q&A...
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    SAT vs. ACT
    Deciding Which Test to Take
    Why would you spend time preparing for two tests, on top of trying to meet ongoing school demands, when one will do? How to decide. Read more...
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    Struggling with SPD?
    Make Her After-School Time Calmer
    Our kids have complex sensory motor systems. When your child's doesn't work efficiently, she may act impulsively or get distracted easily. Read more...
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    10 Steps to Independence
    The Executive Function Action Plan
    Parents, follow these 10 simple tips to boost all 7 executive functions — and help your child gain more independence. Read more...
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    Parent Survival Guide
    13 Unbendable Homework Rules
    Does your child's homework ruin everyone's evening? Follow these never-break rules for a new start this school year. More...
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    Get It Done!
    Apps That Speed Up Homework
    Instead of wasting time on Snapchat, use these clever apps to help you study smarter and get your homework done faster. More...
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    Test-Taking Tricks
    9 Smart Study Techniques for Any Test
    Use these foolproof study strategies to help your child review material more efficiently. More...
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    Desk Job
    7 Ways to Create a Better Study Space
    The better the study space, the better the studying! Use these tricks to make your child's homework area a welcoming haven of learning. More...