End the ADHD Homework Wars

Build Stronger Study Skills

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    Get it Done!
    Learn to Fight Distractions
    6 ways to regain focus when distractions derail you from important (and sometimes boring) assignments. More...
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    Term-Paper Help
    3 Weeks to Success
    Choose a topic, organize your time, and write an A+ research paper with this week-by-week plan. More...
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    Finish Your Homework!
    Tips for Teachers and Parents
    Strategies for the classroom and at home to help ADHD students keep track of their assignments. More...
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    Is High-Tech Better?
    Learning Tools That Really Work
    Parents of ADHD kids share high-tech and low-tech strategies for helping their child stay focused. More...
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    Test-Taking Tips
    Ace Every Exam
    The insider's guide to conquering any test — whether it's a multiple-choice math quiz or an in-class essay. More...
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    Homework Helpers
    Learning Tools Put to the Test
    ADDitude blogger Kay Marner reviews three products designed to help ADHDers learn and focus. More...
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    Fast Fixes
    Finish Homework Faster
    Try these tips right when your child gets home from school — he'll be done with his work in no time! More...
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    Ace the SAT
    Standardized Test Tips
    7 strategies to help your ADHDer keep cool during the big test — and get the score he deserves. More...
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    Homework Without Tears
    12 Tips to Limit Homework Stress
    Help your dyslexic or ADHD child manage their workload without feeling pressured. More...
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    In Your Words
    Stress Tests for ADHD Kids
    "Not only are the numerous prep days stressful, the actual days of standardized testing are our children’s worst nightmares." More...
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    Ask the ADHD Learning Expert
    Struggling With Homework
    "My son has trouble completing his homework, but insists he doesn't need help. What can I do?" Q&A...