Defiant & Oppositional Behavior

How to Address Defiant Behavior

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    ODD and ADHD
    Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    40% of children with ADHD also develop ODD, a condition marked by chronic aggression, frequent outbursts, and a tendency to argue, ignore requests, and engage in annoying behavior. More...
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    Emotional Control for ADHD Kids
    Anxiety? Anger? Self-Blame?
    When ADHD kids practice controlling their emotions and outbursts, they'll be healthier and happier. Here's how parents can help. More...
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    Enough Already!
    How to Shut Down Violent Outbursts
    Beaten down by your child's oppositional defiant disorder? Stop the madness — and the violent outbursts — with these strategies for change. More...
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    7 Quick Fixes
    Managing ADHD Meltdowns
    Parent-approved fixes for when your child has a behavior breakdown brought on by ADHD. More...
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    Behavior Secrets
    Better Discipline Through Consistency
    Rein in impulsive, rebellious ADHD behavior with regular routines to get through daily tasks, and consequences if they're not followed. More...
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    Calm & Collected
    No-Shout, No-Tears Discipline
    Yelling doesn't help ADHD kids learn better behavior. Try these non-traditional ways to deal with discipline instead. More...
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    A Solution for Defiant Behavior
    Parent Training Programs
    Kids with ADHD are 11 times more likely to have ODD, which causes them to react impulsively, explosively from the emotional center of the brain. Here are coping mechanisms for parents. More
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    Managing Mad
    Top Anger Management Tips
    Anger leads the list of emotions that can get kids with ADHD into trouble. Here's how to manage it. More...
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    The ODD-ADHD Link
    Could It Be Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
    Parents can get oppositional behavior under control with the right diagnosis, enthusiasm, and positive reinforcement. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Parenting Expert
    My Child Has an Authority Problem
    If I give my son instructions, he does what he wants and can’t understand later why I’ve punished him. Read the Expert Response...
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    Liar, Liar
    What To Do When Kids Lie
    Use rewards and gentle encouragement to discourage fibbing from your child with ADHD. More...