Folders, Binders & Calendars — Oh, My!

How to Get and Stay Organized

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    Finding Things at School
    Organize the Locker
    Use these 6 tips to keep your child's locker from deteriorating into a dumpster or burial ground for lost homework. More...
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    In Middle School
    Help Your Teen Juggle More Responsibility
    Make planners mandatory. Establish a home paper station. And more ways to help your teen track her tasks and her time. More...
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    ADHD Tools to Try
    Gadgets Built for ADHD Kids
    A short list of easy-to-use products made to address common problem areas for ADHD students. More...
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    After School
    You Lost Your Homework Again?!?
    3 daily habits that will teach your child how to schedule and prioritize his daily homework assignments. More...
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    Just Do It (Now!)
    Fighting ADHD Procrastination
    14 secrets to getting ADHD students to study for tests and finish classwork now — not later! More...
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    Master Class
    Teaching Organization to Students
    Keep order at school and at home with these daily tricks for parents and teachers to make organization the rule, not an exception. More...
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    3 Quick Tips
    Keep School Supplies Handy
    Fill a cabinet and a tray with school supplies so they're always at your kid's fingertips. Then empty any extras out of the backpack once a week. More...
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    Calendars, Clocks and Color-Coding
    Time + Paper Management = Organization
    Keeping track of time and dates goes hand-in-hand with holding on to homework and assignments. More...
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    The Hidden Power of Accordion Folders
    School Organizational Truths
    How to fix the four biggest problem areas for ADHD kids. More...
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    Ask the ADHD Organization Expert
    How Can I Organize My Son's Backpack?
    "I've tried every organizer on the market, but my son still shoves everything in his backpack. Help!" Read the Expert Response...
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    Life Story
    "How I Got Organized in School"
    "Because I'm no longer overwhelmed with school, thanks to my ADHD coach, I'm getting better grades." More...