Is It ADHD or OCD?

The stereotypical signs of ADHD include hyperactivity, disorganization, and a general lack of focus. The stereotypical signs of OCD? Quite the opposite, so we don’t often consider these two conditions linked. But they are, and symptoms can overlap in surprising ways. Take this quiz to see if you really understand the difference between obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit!

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Parents of children with ADHD or OCD often report that they don’t “act their age.” With _____________, they tend to act older than their years — with parents often describing them as “old souls.”

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  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Either ADHD or OCD
A : Either ADHD or OCD
OCD. Children with ADHD are often several years behind their peers’ maturity level — up to 30 percent behind, some experts estimate. Children with OCD, on the other hand, often spend so much of their time obsessing over negative scenarios that they are often reported to be more meticulous, more cautious, and overall more “mature” than are their neurotypical peers.