Is It ADHD or OCD?

The stereotypical signs of ADHD include hyperactivity, disorganization, and a general lack of focus. The stereotypical signs of OCD? Quite the opposite, so we don’t often consider these two conditions linked. But they are, and symptoms can overlap in surprising ways. Take this quiz to see if you really understand the difference between obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit!

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Both ADHD and OCD can exhibit signs of hoarding, or the acquisition of unnecessary objects. Someone with _____________ will often become angry when these possessions are disturbed or removed, unable to imagine life without them.

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  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Either ADHD or OCD
A : Either ADHD or OCD
OCD. People with ADHD suffer from a lack of organization and impulsive shopping tendencies, making their homes seem like magnets for clutter and junk. They don’t organize or discard the items because the process seems overwhelming — not because they don’t want to. However, someone with OCD will have a high level of anxiety surrounding the objects he or she keeps and can become hostile when someone suggests throwing away something. This is called hoarding — an anxiety disorder on the OCD spectrum. Hoarding is very difficult to overcome, and usually requires a formal intervention by a skilled therapist.