Do You Know the Difference Between ADHD and Learning Disabilities?

Think you know what's ADHD and what's LD? Check your knowledge here, with this fast and informative quiz.

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If your child consistently misspells words and makes frequent errors while reading out loud, it could indicate ________________.

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  • ADHD
  • Learning disabilities
  • Either ADHD or LD
A : Learning disabilities
A : Either ADHD or LD
Either ADHD or LD. Children with ADHD may struggle with working memory — making memorizing vocab words difficult — and may have difficulty focusing on a piece of text long enough to get through it without errors. However, children with dyslexia may also have struggle to spell words correctly, and may find reading difficult — even with adequate focus. It’s important in this case to fully assess the child’s condition, both inside and outside of school, to get an accurate diagnosis.