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Diagnosing and Treating ADD
ADD and Alzheimer's: Are These Diseases Related?
Can attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) cause Alzheimer's or dementia? Are the symptoms I'm experiencing a result of Alzheimer's or is it ADD/ADHD? more »
  Insurance Doesn't Cover My Daughter's ADHD Medication
The doctor prescribed Vyvanse for my ADD daughter. Our insurance covers only Adderall or Focalin. more »
Parenting ADD/LD Kids
My ADHD Son Only Has Younger Friends
My 13-year old attention deficit son prefers to play with children who are much younger. Is this appropriate? more »
  Child Aggression at School
"I'm told that my five-year-old son is aggressive at school. What should I do?" more »
School & Learning
Is My Just Diagnosed ADHD Son Eligible for a 504 Plan?
I requested a 504 Plan for my recently diagnosed ADD son, and was told he isn’t eligible because he’s taking medication, which “cures the problem.” more »
  Is My ADHD Son Eligible for Government Disability Benefits?
I worry about my ADD son being able to hold down a job. Is he eligible for government disability? more »
Living With Adult ADD/LD
Afraid of Being Dumped...Again
"I am dating a wonderful woman, but I am afraid she will dump me, which has happened to me several times before. How can I overcome my fears?" Don't let your fears scare her off »
  He's Lost That Loving Feeling
When we were dating, my husband, who has ADHD, made me feel like I was the center of his world. Then we got married, and it felt like someone flipped the switch off! He doesn’t touch me, or even talk to me, much. He tells me he loves me more than anything, but his actions don’t say that. What can I do? Love lost? »
Organizing Your Life
I Need to Organize My Clothes!
I have heaps of clothing, clean and dirty, everywhere. My daughter, who has attention deficit disorder, is the same way. Please help! more »
  Avoid Distractions and Clutter While Doing Projects with ADHD
"When I'm involved in a project, it works for me to keep everything spread out, but my husband dislikes the clutter. Can you suggest a compromise?" more »
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