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On The Move

"We will be moving to the U.S. after two years of living abroad. My son is accustomed to a small school setting, so how can I prepare him for the environment at his new public school?"

by Michele Novotni, Ph.D.

Transitions are difficult for those with ADD. I'm wondering if both the move to the States along with a move to a large public school setting is the best timing. I suggest that you talk with your child's current teachers and seek their recommendation for the best placement and timing since they would know your child's academic and social readiness best. Were they looking to move him into a regular class if you were not moving? If so, why? If not, why not?

Regarding teasing, kids can be terribly cruel -- especially to those who may be a little different. It is always helpful to work with your child in establishing five responses to someone who is teasing them in advance. Together you can role-play or practice responding to ridicule. You can even make your practice sessions more fun by coming up with some outrageous responses so that it won't seem so much like work.

Perhaps you can even identify five responses to never make when someone is teasing you. He could write down his favorite responses on an index card and review them each day. This way, an appropriate response should easily be at hand when/if needed.

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