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How to Stop Losing Things with Adult ADHD

"I often lose the piece of paper or the PDA where I wrote down appointment info. Any suggestions for staying organized?"

by Sandy Maynard

Adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD) are most likely to lose things during transitions from one activity or job site to another, so do a quick inventory each time you make such a transition: "Do I have my phone? My PDA?" and so on.

Wearing a fanny pack or a briefcase with a shoulder strap ensures that you always have a place to stash those essential items. If you can manage to hang on to your keys, buy a key chain that contains a voice recorder. ( sells one that records for 20 seconds.)

As a backup, leave a message on your office voicemail each time you schedule an appointment. You can always call in to get the info. Or, as a last resort, write appointment info on your hand - that's one thing you can't misplace.

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Source: How to Stop Losing Things with Adult ADHD