My Son Hates to Read!


"My 11-year-old ADD/LD son hates to read. How can I help him overcome this reluctance?"

ADDitude's learning and education expert, Karen Sunderhaft

As you know, if a child has ADD, it's particularly important that he connect with the subject matter. Tell a librarian or teacher what he's passionate about, and ask for reading recommendations.

During my years as a teacher, I've noticed that kids who like sports often like Matt Christopher's novels. Another option is a choose-your-own-adventure book—the interactive format may hold any ADDer's attention. Remember: Your goal is to show him the joys of reading. Don't worry about what he's reading, as long as he's reading something—even a comic book.

Boosting his confidence in his reading ability will also help. Have him read picture books (or anything that he can get through successfully on his own) aloud to a younger sibling or cousin.

Karen Sunderhaft is a teacher who has focused on ADHD and learning disabilities since 1999. She coaches individual students and speaks frequently at ADHD and LD events. She can be reached at
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