Academic Assistive Technologies


"Are there any assistive technologies that might be appropriate for a 10-year-old?"


I've found several devices helpful for my fourth-grade students:

  • For organization: Try a hand-held planner with touch-screen technology, from
  • For math: has a terrific page where students can practice their math. Or try MathPad Plus software ( Designed for grades three through five, it covers basic math operations, including fractions and decimals.
  • For writing: Kidspiration software ( helps children organize their thoughts. It can help visual learners organize their notes in preparation for a test or group ideas to create an outline for a paper.
  • For note-taking: Portable Keyboards, such as the AlphaSmart 3000 (, can hold up to 100 pages of text, which can be uploaded to a computer. They're wonderful for children who write slowly or illegibly.
Karen Sunderhaft is a teacher who has focused on ADHD and learning disabilities since 1999. She coaches individual students and speaks frequently at ADHD and LD events. She can be reached at
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