Should My ADHD Son Go Back to First Grade?


"My second-grader shows signs of ADHD. His teacher thinks he should return to first grade. My concern is that my son is a twin. His sister is a well-behaved A student, and I think retaining him could damage his self-esteem."


I certainly would not recommend retaining your son. I would highly recommend a in-depth testing of his ability — both cognitive and academic. You need to know the nature of his needs and if indeed he is attention deficit.

Retention won't help ADHD — only strategies and techniques will. Move forward now and have a complete psychoeducational battery done by a reputable child psychologist in your area.

Dr. Clare Jones was an educational consultant in Scottsdale, Arizona, respected throughout the psychological community for her work with ADHD children and adults. She passed away in late 2006 and is truly missed.
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