My Daughter Reverses Letters, Numbers...


"My daughter is almost 8 and in second grade. She will still write letters and numbers backwards, often when she is tired but not always. When she was younger, she was a mirror writer, from right to left with letters reversed. She also tends to read numbers backwards ie '521' is '125' to her. Is this related to her ADHD and lack of attention to detail or is it indicative of other learning disabilities?? Should I have her tested?" - PS in MN.


When we see reversals at age eight of this nature we feel a complete psychoeducational battery is in order. She may have a learning disability in addition to her ADHD.

I would have her tested now to find out. About 33% of the children with ADHD have co-occurring learning disability.

Dr. Clare Jones was an educational consultant in Scottsdale, Arizona, respected throughout the psychological community for her work with ADHD children and adults. She passed away in late 2006 and is truly missed.
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