Block Scheduling for Classes


"My ADHD son has a chance to go to a High School offering block scheduling and I have heard that this is preferable. Can you tell me if research is available to back this claim and where I may find it, since I will need to make my case in order to have my son attend this school on a waiver?" -- LK, California


I have not seen any research on the block vs. traditional scheduling for ADHD students and have done a search for this.

Some of my own clients who benefit from having fewer things to focus on and immerse themselves in a topic have benefited from the longer block schedule. Others maintain they like the short brief chunks of traditional.

It truly makes a difference in what the teachers do during the block. If it is a one-hour class then the rest just study hall--which some teachers do! -- well forget it!!! If anyone has seen this research please send it to me and I will gladly share.

Dr. Clare Jones was an educational consultant in Scottsdale, Arizona, respected throughout the psychological community for her work with ADHD children and adults. She passed away in late 2006 and is truly missed.
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