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How Do I Find an ADD Coach?

"I am an extremely visual thinker, and need an ADD coach that can understand this particular quality. How do I find one?"

by Sandy Maynard

Most coaches are familiar with different learning and processing styles, but be sure to ask about their knowledge in this area. Typically, individuals naturally interact better with others who have the same preferred way of processing, but that does not necessarily mean that you would not do well with a coach who is very auditory.

It depends upon their skill with matching and mirroring. These skills enable a coach to output information in a way that is easily received and processed by you. The American Coaching Association (ACA) has a list of ADHD coaches by location. Coaches are also listed on,, and our ADDitude directory.

To assist you in choosing a coach that is just right for you, the ACA has published the following guidelines:

Client Questions

  1. What percentage of your practice is devoted to individuals with ADD?

  2. How long have you been doing ADD coaching?

  3. I have identified _ _ _ _ as one of my coaching needs. What is your experience in this area?

  4. How do you prefer to work? (office visits, telephone, e-mail orcombination?)

  5. How often do you anticipate we will meet/speak and for how long?

  6. What are your fees? How and when is payment due?

  7. Can you give me the names of references? (previous clients who have given permission to use their name or colleagues who are familiar with the coaches' work)

  8. When would you be available for an initial interview?

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