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Courses To Improve Problem-Solving Skills

"I have poor problem-solving skills and my inability to confront issues has caused problems and frustrations for years. Should I attend a Dale Carnegie course?"

by Sandy Maynard

There are many resources available for improving your problem solving skills, as well as your communications skills. A course designed to do so is a great idea; you will meet others with similar challenges who want to improve, and it is a safe place to practice.

Identify your needs

The first step in choosing a course is to identify your needs. Sit down sometime when there are no distractions and make a list of the areas in which you need to improve. One way to do so is to ask yourself the following questions:

Based on your answers to these questions, make a comprehensive list of your needs. This will help you choose a course or program that will best match them.

Match the course to your needs

Search out available courses in your community and spend time asking questions about them. Write the questions down so you will be sure to remember to ask them. I recommend a course that allows you to practice what you are learning in a supervised setting so you can get feedback on how to improve.

It should also provide a comfortable setting in which to learn with other adults that are seeking to make the same kind of improvements that you are. Dale Carnegie was a great communicator and the courses are good, as you get to practice your communication skills in an environment that is designed to help you overcome ineffective patterns of communication.

But there may be other courses that meet your needs better for problem solving, negotiating and decision making, so carefully assess what your needs are before making your choice.

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