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Is the Feingold Diet an ADHD Cure?

"My kids are on the Feingold Diet, and it appears to have cured their ADHD. Why don't we hear more about it?"

by Larry Silver, M.D.

In his 1974 book Why Your Child Is Hyperactive, Benjamin Feingold, M.D., argued that ADHD can be caused by food additives or preservatives and that symptoms go away once a child changes his diet. But numerous studies conducted since the book's publication have failed to support this controversial theory, for either children or adults.

The studies did suggest, however, that about one percent of people with ADHD can become "hyper" for about an hour after consuming certain food dyes, especially red dye. If someone with ADHD is known to have this sensitivity, it certainly makes sense to avoid this dye.

If you really believe that the diet is helping your children, continue to use it. But if there's any uncertainty, I urge you to consider proven treatments.

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Source: Is the Feingold Diet an ADHD Cure?