October 21, 2016
Writing Tricks for ADHD Students

Evidence shows that paying more attention to relationships can change a child's behavior.

— Katherine Ellison

ADHD Videos
His Mom Must Be So Proud
11-year-old Rice has ADHD. He loses things. And struggles to maintain focus. And feels left out on the... more »

Mom Is the Word
Taming Transitions: How Zoning Out Helps My Daughter Be All-In
Taking a moment to process the sounds, sights, and smells of a new environment puts things in calm... more »

ADDitude Webinars
Born This Way: Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Adult ADHD
Replay this free ADHD Awareness webinar with Emily Anhalt, Psy.D., and download the expert slides... more »


Our Top Picks

The Diagnosis
How to get a quality evaluation

"I Get Paid to Have ADHD"
Succeed on the job

Rise & Shine
Tips to make mornings easier

The ADHD Brain, Explained
How it really works

Free Webinar
How to Manage ADHD Emotions

ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

Common Questions About ADHD... And Expert Answers!

Clear up misconceptions and change public opinion about ADHD by reading these common questions and expert answers. ... ADHD 101 »

Finding an ADHD Coach: Six Questions to Ask

Adult ADHD

What If You Could Hire a Life-with-ADHD Coach?

Your ADHD medication helps with focus and impulsitivity — but you still struggle with time management, organization, and... ADHD coaching»

Parents of ADHD children get great parenting advice from support groups.

Parenting ADHD Children

No Judgment. No Guilt. Just ADHD Support and Understanding.

A support group for parents of children with ADHD, learning disabilities, or other special needs offers the kind... more »

Manicured hand holding ADHD medicines

ADHD Treatment

How Does ADHD Medication Work? Is It Safe? What About Side Effects?

Wondering which ADHD medication to try, whether it's safe given other diagnoses, and how to tell if it's... Well informed, correctly medicated »

Homeschooling ADHD Kids

School & Learning Disabilities

When Traditional Schools Fail Your Child

When a child is left behind, ignored, or frustrated in a traditional classroom setting, many parents begin researching... more »

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