February 5, 2016
Writing Tricks for ADHD Students

I was the only fourth-grade mom with tears streaming down her cheeks.

The mother of Christina, an 11-year-old with APD

The Experts
My Wife Is Too Attached To Her Stuff
My wife, who has ADHD, keeps everything she deems to have "sentimental value" — which ends up being... more »

All Together ADHD
Eureka! ADHD Meds Gave Me a Whole New Life
Now that I take a stimulant, I have more energy, less stress, and I’m way nicer to my... more »

ADHD & the City
Will I Spend Valentine’s Day Alone?
I look at my peers who have been able to go from dating to marriage to starting a... more »


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How to get a quality evaluation

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Succeed on the job

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Tips to make mornings easier

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How it really works

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How to Manage ADHD Emotions

ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

Is It a Learning Disability or Inattentive ADD/ADHD?

Problems with organization, focus, and time management often point to inattentive-type ADHD. But sometimes learning disabilities are overlooked... more »

Losing weight with ADHD: Man selects healthy food

Adult ADHD

8 ADHD-Tested Rules for Losing Weight

Executive function problems, sleep issues, and impulsivity can make losing weight tough. Here's how to stay fit, trim,... more »

Mom holding an apologetic-looking ADHD preteen girl

Parenting ADHD Children

To Tell the Truth

Some kids with ADHD lie. Understand why they do it — and why you help them more by... Very truly yours »

Manicured hand holding ADHD medicines

ADHD Treatment

ADHD Medication: Q&A for Newly Diagnosed Adults

Adults who have just been diagnosed have questions about ADHD medications. An expert addresses common concerns about stimulants,... The more you know »

Do ADHD Students Qualify for Special Education?

School & Learning Disabilities

Do ADHD Students Qualify for Special-Education Accommodations?

Children with ADHD may qualify for special-education accommodations, depending on the degree of severity of their ADHD... more »

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