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  3. What Does Nonverbal Learning Disorder Look Like in Adults?
  4. What Does Nonverbal Learning Disorder Look Like in Children?
  5. What Is Nonverbal Learning Disorder?
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Things don't have to be black or white any more. I've learned to see and live with gray.

Donna Surgenor Reames, mother with ADD

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Oppositional and Defiant
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Homework Help
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The Ultimate School Guide
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ADD in Women
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Sensory Processing
Is your child sensitive to sounds, touch or taste? What you need to know. More ►

Why She Won’t Sleep
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Kids' Natural Therapies
From fish oil and zinc, to brain training and behavior therapy. More ►

Why We Act the Way We Do
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ADHD Meds, Explained
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  • ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Sticky!

    Melting down from sensory overload or scrambling for stimulation, many kids with ADHD also suffer from sensory processing... Making sense of the senses »

    Adult ADHD

    41 Time Hacks Used by ADHD Ninjas (aka Our Favorite Experts)

    The Pomodoro technique. Kitchen timers. A paper planner. And 38 more tools, tricks, and rules these ADHD experts... more »

    Parenting ADHD Children

    Top 10 Ways to Raise a Happy ADHD Child

    "Many kids with ADHD go through a day, even a week, without a friendly glance or encouraging word... Done and done! »

    ADHD Treatment

    9 Food Rules for ADHD Families: What to Eat, What to Avoid

    A well-rounded diet can have a powerful, positive effect on your cognition, mood, memory, and behavior. The wrong... more »

    School & Learning Disabilities

    Saving Katie: How A New School Changed My Daughter's Life

    My daughter was bullied in public school because of her ADHD and autism. Finding and switching to a... Selecting a school for your ADHD child»

    ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    Who Can Diagnose ADHD?

    Titles and job descriptions can be confusing, especially in the alphabet soup of PhDs, M.D.s, LCSWs and others... Professionals who can diagnose and treat ADHD»

    Adult ADHD

    The 6 Reasons You're Always Late for Everything

    You give in to guilt. You try to achieve unhuman productivity. You hate being early. And more (very... more »

    Parenting ADHD Children

    "They Will Make You Proud."

    Here, the mother of history's most decorated Olympic athlete, Michael Phelps, explains how he overcame and harnessed his... more »

    ADHD Treatment

    The Magic Mineral

    There are simple ways to help your child get more iron — a nutrient shown to decrease ADHD... more »

    School & Learning Disabilities

    Test-Taking Strategies for Every Exam Type

    Students with ADHD tend to crumble under the pressure and information overload of bigs exams. Use these specific... more »

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