October 22, 2016
Writing Tricks for ADHD Students

I thought my son was fine, just the way he was. But if he was going to make it through school, something needed to change.

Karen Shoemaker, mother of a child with ADHD

Life in the Fast Brain
Ablution Performance 101
Simple hygiene is sometimes beyond the ADHDer... more »

ADHD Videos
His Mom Must Be So Proud
11-year-old Rice has ADHD. He loses things. And struggles to maintain focus. And feels left out on the... more »

Mom Is the Word
Taming Transitions: How Zoning Out Helps My Daughter Be All-In
Taking a moment to process the sounds, sights, and smells of a new environment puts things in calm... more »


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The Diagnosis
How to get a quality evaluation

"I Get Paid to Have ADHD"
Succeed on the job

Rise & Shine
Tips to make mornings easier

The ADHD Brain, Explained
How it really works

Free Webinar
How to Manage ADHD Emotions

ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

7 Myths About ADHD... Debunked!

Get the truth about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults, when these ADHD experts disprove seven... more »

A floatation device used to help adults with ADHD who can't stop spending too much time online

Adult ADHD

Can't Stop Clicking? Here's How to Beat "Infomania"

Spending too much time online? You're not alone — the instant gratification of Internet searches can boost dopamine... more »

Sleep Aids for Parents of Hyperactive Children with ADHD

Parenting ADHD Children

Desperately Seeking Sleep? Remedies to Save Parents' Sanity

Every night doesn’t have to be so hard! Use these parent-tested sleep remedies to get kids with ADHD... How one Mom Got Her Kids to Sleep Through the Night

young ADHD boy taking a bite out of his food

ADHD Treatment

Eggs, Dairy, Nuts, and Soy: Testing for Food Sensitivites with an ADHD Elimination Diet

Bad reactions to certain foods might exacerbate your child's ADHD symptoms. Find out how you can identify the... Process of elimination »

Gifted and ADHD

School & Learning Disabilities

Unlocking the Potential of Gifted Kids with ADHD

ADHD and intelligence are uncorrelated. Yet so many of our kids score off the charts on IQ tests... When ADHD children are gifted students»

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