March 29, 2015
Writing Tricks for ADHD Students

Without risking failure, we will never achieve anything that is truly ours.

Jonathan Mooney and David Cole

Boy Without Instructions
Remaining Calm in the Face of Chaos
The stress of parenting a child with ADHD is heavy enough without the added discord of constant yelling... more »

Life in the Fast Brain
The Mid-Year Check-in
An interview with Dr. Adelaide Robb gives great guidelines for parents dealing with teachers…but takes an awkward turn,... more »

ADDitude Webinars
Raising a Child with Special Needs: Let Go of Expectations and Love the Reality
Join us for an expert webinar hosted by Gina and Katie Gallagher, on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at... Register now!


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The Diagnosis
How to get a quality evaluation

"I Get Paid to Have ADHD"
Succeed on the job

Rise & Shine
Tips to make mornings easier

The ADHD Brain, Explained
How it really works

Free Webinar
How to Manage ADHD Emotions

ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

Restless, Distracted, Fearful? How to Diagnose and Treat Anxiety

The best way to treat an anxiety disorder is to get it diagnosed early — especially when you're... more »

To-do list belonging to an ADHD person who is learning to delegate

Adult ADHD

A Lighter To-Do List: When In Doubt, Delegate!

Delegation is one of the best skills an ADHD adult can learn. Follow these tips to get your... more »

ADHD child mowing lawn

Parenting ADHD Children

Help for Messy ADHD Children: End the Chore Wars

Real parents of ADD/ADHD children offer their best strategies for getting even the most messy and disorganized children... Messy ADHD children»

Act Local

ADHD Treatment

Find or Start an ADHD Support Group

Can't find an ADHD support group in your area? Follow these steps to start your own support group... more »

Help your ADHD child maintain a well-organized locker at school.

School & Learning Disabilities

ADHD School Organization: A Clean Locker

Help your ADHD child with school organization skills that will help him maintain a well-organized school locker... more »

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