August 26, 2016
Writing Tricks for ADHD Students

If you have spent a lifetime with a pinball machine in your brain, it is hard to imagine yourself peacefully sitting in the lotus position.

— Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo, ADHD coaches

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When Your Daughter's Worry Is Something More

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Roxy Olin, one of many famous people and women with ADHD, talks about her symptoms.

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The Stars Who Aligned ADHD with Success

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ADHD drugs and medicine

ADHD Treatment

ADHD Sex Drive: Do Medications Help or Hurt?

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Forgetful child using physical activity as part of her working memory strategies for ADHD children

School & Learning Disabilities

"You Would Forget Your Head..."

If your child forgets to hand in completed homework, do chores, or bring home permission slips, try these... more »

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