February 8, 2016
Writing Tricks for ADHD Students

Things don't have to be black or white any more. I've learned to see and live with gray.

Donna Surgenor Reames, mother with ADD

The Experts
“How Can Be More Present With My Kids?”
“I'm constantly distracted by work, by my to-do list, and by my phone, but I feel unable to... more »

All Together ADHD
Eureka! ADHD Meds Gave Me a Whole New Life
Now that I take a stimulant, I have more energy, less stress, and I’m way nicer to my... more »

ADHD & the City
Will I Spend Valentine’s Day Alone?
I look at my peers who have been able to go from dating to marriage to starting a... more »


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Adult ADHD

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Parenting ADHD Children

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A healthy ADHD diet is low in sugar — so this chocolate cake may not cut it.

ADHD Treatment

The Sugar Wars: Using Diet to Treat ADHD Symptoms in Children

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Focus Factors: A little fidgeting may help ADHD adults and children stay on task.

School & Learning Disabilities

When ADHD Kids Fidget: Better Focus Through Multitasking

ADHD children may actually concentrate, focus and stay on task better with a little foot-tapping, gum-chewing fidgeting... more »

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