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  1. 9 Ways to Focus Right Now: Harness the Power of ADHD Fidgeting
  2. Married to ADHD: Relationship Advice for You and Your Spouse
  3. The ADHD Diet: What to Eat, What to Avoid
  4. Diagnosing Related Conditions in Children and Adults with ADHD
  5. Apps to Organize ADHD Students at School
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Earlier, I had read "The South Beach Diet," bought all the stuff, made lists, followed it perfectly... until I lost interest....

Mary Lou Michaels, who lost 80 pounds after her ADHD diagnosis

Success at School
Dear ADDitude: How Do I Get Teachers to Follow Accommodations?
"My son's teachers complain almost daily about missing or incomplete work. It's written into his IEP that they... more »

The Experts
Can Magnesium Help ADHD Symptoms?
I've heard there is a link between magnesium levels and ADHD symptoms. Can taking a magnesium supplement help... more »

Be Our Guest
The Not-So-Great Wall I’m Really Worried About
When my husband slips into the strong grasp of hyperfocus, a brick wall goes up between him and... more »


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Daily Affirmations
I have ADHD.
Hear me roar.

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10 conditions that show up with ADHD

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10 mobile apps to train your brain

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Webinar Replay
Coping with sensory processing disorder

Tools and Checklists

A symptom checklist for children. More ►

Oppositional and Defiant
Why typical discipline doesn’t work. More ►

Homework Help
Secrets to finishing faster and with less frustration. More ►

'16 Camp Guide
How to find the best summer program for your child. More ►

Fight ADHD with Food
The high-protein, low-sugar, no-additive diet for ADHD. More ►

ADD in Women
Do your symptoms of depression or anxiety point to ADD?
Find out ►

When Regular Discipline Fails
Tired of nagging and yelling? There is a better way. Learn more ►

Sensory Processing
Is your child sensitive to sounds, touch or taste? What you need to know. More ►

Why She Won’t Sleep
And what you can do about it. Learn more ►

Kids' Natural Therapies
From fish oil and zinc, to brain training and behavior therapy. More ►

Why We Act the Way We Do
Why ADHD adults hyperfocus, obsess, doubt our abilities, and more. Learn more ►

High School Survival Guide
Help your teen grow more independent, self-sufficient, and trustworthy.
Learn more ►

ADHD Meds, Explained
Insider tips to get the most from ADHD meds. View slideshow ►

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  • ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    4 Life Tips for Moms with ADHD

    Expert advice from an experienced ADHD Mom and M.D... more »

    Adult ADHD

    5 Secrets to Outsmarting Time

    Adults with ADHD struggle with project management. Here, a professional organizer outlines strategies to conquer any job —... more »

    Parenting ADHD Children

    Raising Kids with ADHD: Lessons Learned by Real Parents

    Parents reflect on what they’ve learned raising a child with attention deficit, and share tips for meeting the... "I wish I'd known…" »

    ADHD Treatment

    Daytrana Patch 101: ADHD Medication Q&A

    Many children with ADHD use the Daytrana patch to treat their symptoms during the day. What do parents... more »

    School & Learning Disabilities

    Raising Confident, Empowered Kids with ADHD

    A veteran teacher of children with ADHD and learning disabilities shares five secrets for helping them learn to... more »

    ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    Are You Sure It's Attention Deficit?

    Your child's symptoms may seem to add up to ADHD. But hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity could be rooted... How will you know? »

    Adult ADHD

    Can This Marriage Be Saved?

    Marriage is hard — and when ADHD is in the picture, it can feel downright impossible. Here, a... more »

    Parenting ADHD Children

    Help Your Child with ADHD Click with Cliques

    Help your child with ADHD connect with peers and develop a strong social circle with these four strategies... more »

    ADHD Treatment

    A Healthy Appetite for Children with ADHD

    ADHD medications can trigger appetite and weight loss in children. Why it's critical for parents to adjust schedules,... more »

    School & Learning Disabilities

    Saving Katie: How A New School Changed My Daughter's Life

    My daughter, Katie, was bullied at school because of ADHD and autism symptoms. After a change to a... Selecting a school for your ADHD child»

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