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3 Diagnosis Mistakes

I have always felt that the way that my brain thinks, there's a beauty in it, and if I'm able to look at the beauty in it, I can live my life the way I want.

Alexis Hernández, Chef Contestant on The Next Food Network Star

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Diary of a Complicated Mind
This journal entry, submitted by an ADDitude reader with multiple diagnoses, offers a glimpse into the mind and... more »

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Can Brain Training Improve ADHD Symptoms?
Does brain training help with ADHD symptoms? Some studies suggest that it improves focus and working memory in... more »

Life in the Fast Brain
"You’re Not ADD (Part 3): You’re Artistic"
The ADHD brain is disorganized by nature. Any structure I've imposed on mine has come through my creativity... Creativity: impulsivity gone right »


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Tools and Checklists

Get the Facts
Resources to help you advocate for ADHD this October. More ►

ADD in Women
Do your symptoms of depression, anxiety, or forgetfulness point to ADHD?
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Fight ADHD with Food
The high-protein, low-sugar, no-additive diet for ADHD kids. More ►

IEP/504 Guide
Our step-by-step guide for setting up an IEP or 504 Plan for your child.
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Treat ADHD Naturally
Non-drug therapies from fish oil and zinc, to brain training and behavior therapy. Learn more ►

Oppositional and Defiant
Why typical discipline doesn’t work, and parenting tactics do.
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Why She Won’t Sleep
And what you can do about it. Learn more ►

End the Homework Wars
Secrets to finishing assignments faster and with less frustration.
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Why We Act the Way We Do
Why ADHD adults hyperfocus, obsess, doubt our abilities, and more. Learn more ►

High School Survival Guide
Help your teen grow more independent, self-sufficient, and trustworthy.
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8 Most ADHD-Friendly Jobs
Careers that capitalize on your creativity, energy, problem-solving skills, and more. More ►

Discipline Dos and Don'ts
Encourage good behavior — no nagging required! Learn more ►

ADHD Meds, Explained
Insider tips to get the most from ADHD meds. View slideshow ►

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    ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    The ODD - ADHD Link in Children

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    School & Learning Disabilities

    The New Way to Study with ADHD

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