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  1. How Pediatricians Diagnose ADHD
  2. Learning to Feel Good and Stay Cool: Emotional Regulation Tools
  3. The Case for (Working, Maturing) Gap Years
  4. When Suddenly It's All Worthwhile
  5. Writing My Way to a Happier Me
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My son couldn't yet speak many words, but he was telling me plenty with his behavior. Who wants to sit in a circle and watch other kids sing songs when there's running to be done? And who wants to force a kid to sit in a circle?

Liz Fuller, a mother with ADHD

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Procrastination Busters for Our Kids
When our kids are in that faraway Zen place where they are hyperfocused on an activity that gives... more »

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The Brain on Lipids: A Different Approach to Managing ADHD through Nutrition
Recent research suggests complex lipid imbalances may be an underlying biological component of ADHD... more »

ADHD News Feed
Large Imaging Study Shows Structural Brain Differences in People with ADHD
Critical areas of the brain are smaller in people with ADHD, researchers say, proving that the oft-marginalized condition... more »


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A Dad's Regrets
"6 mistakes I made with my kids."

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Chaos and calm come from within

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Coping skills you haven't mastered

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Learning strategies for dyslexia

Tools and Checklists

A symptom checklist for children. More ►

Oppositional and Defiant
Why typical discipline doesn’t work. More ►

Homework Help
Secrets to finishing faster and with less frustration. More ►

The Ultimate School Guide
Accommodations, organization, homework, and much more. More ►

Fight ADHD with Food
The high-protein, low-sugar, no-additive diet for ADHD. More ►

ADD in Women
Do your symptoms of depression or anxiety point to ADD?
Find out ►

When Regular Discipline Fails
Tired of nagging and yelling? There is a better way. Learn more ►

Sensory Processing
Is your child sensitive to sounds, touch or taste? What you need to know. More ►

Why She Won’t Sleep
And what you can do about it. Learn more ►

Kids' Natural Therapies
From fish oil and zinc, to brain training and behavior therapy. More ►

Why We Act the Way We Do
Why ADHD adults hyperfocus, obsess, doubt our abilities, and more. Learn more ►

High School Survival Guide
Help your teen grow more independent, self-sufficient, and trustworthy.
Learn more ►

ADHD Meds, Explained
Insider tips to get the most from ADHD meds. View slideshow ►

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  • ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    How Well Do You Know ADHD?

    Though the symptoms of ADHD were first noted by the medical community in 1902, pervasive misinformation and myths... more »

    Adult ADHD

    "I Felt a Constant, Low-Level Sadness."

    "I wasn't depressed so much as unenergetic and unfocused. The ADHD diagnosis made sense." Learn how one Ivy... more »

    Parenting ADHD Children

    No Judgment. No Guilt. Just ADHD Support and Understanding.

    A support group for parents of children with ADHD, learning disabilities, or other special needs offers the kind... more »

    ADHD Treatment

    How Does ADHD Medication Work? Is It Safe? What About Side Effects?

    Wondering which ADHD medication to try, whether it's safe given other diagnoses, and how to tell if it's... Well informed, correctly medicated »

    School & Learning Disabilities

    Turning It In Should Be the Easy Part of Homework, Right?

    Even when they complete their homework, students with ADHD don't always remember to turn in assignments on time... more »

    ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    Why ADHD Is a "Fuzzy Diagnosis"

    ADHD rarely travels alone. The vast majority of people with attention deficit also have at least one other... more »

    Adult ADHD

    Stop. Procrastinating. Now.

    Some days, no matter how hard you try, you just can't get started. Here's how to stop procrastinating... more »

    Parenting ADHD Children

    How Art Therapy Tames Impulsivity, Distractibility, and Anxiety

    Art therapy uses the processes of drawing, painting, and sculpting to help children address emotional problems, develop interpersonal... Picture a happier, more confident child »

    ADHD Treatment

    Eggs, Dairy, Nuts, and Soy: Testing for Food Sensitivites with an ADHD Elimination Diet

    Bad reactions to certain foods might exacerbate your child's ADHD symptoms. Find out how you can identify the... Process of elimination »

    School & Learning Disabilities

    6 Easy Classroom Modifications to Help Students with ADHD

    ADDitude's top experts recommend six proven classroom accommodations to help students with ADHD or learning disabilities stay focused... ADHD accommodations»

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