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ADHD Awareness Month: October 2013

Essential articles, expert Q&As, tools and checklists, and resources about ADHD and learning disabilities.

Celebrate ADHD Awareness Month in October 2013: Attend ADDitude's expert webinars, download this Awareness Week poster, look for #ADHDAwarenessWeek on Twitter, and keep up-to-date on Facebook.

Step Up & Speak Out

Strategies to get you started on spreading facts and busting myths about attention deficit in celebration of ADHD Awareness Month 2013.

The Many Faces of ADHD

Essays from ADHDers that explore the diversity and perspectives of those diagnosed with the disorder.

Smart Comebacks to Doubters

Powerful responses to common (and grating) misconceptions about attention deficit.

25 Things to Love About ADD

Why you should be proud of your ADD: The very best truths about adults and children living with attention deficit.

Raise ADHD Awareness

Celebrate ADHD with our Many Faces of ADHD poster! Download, print, and share.

Get the Facts

Fact #1: The National Institutes of Health, American Psychiatric Society and the U.S. Department of Education, among other leading medical, psychological and educational organization, recognize attention deficit disorder as a real, legitimate diagnosis that affects more than 15 million Americans.

Fact #2: Despite all this, copious doubters continue to voice their skepticism about ADD/ADHD and its treatments.

Fact #3: ADDitude is here to help you stand up for yourself, speak intelligently about ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities, and help others see this condition for what it is.

These resources are designed to help you do just that.

Essential Articles

Knowledge Is Power
Change public opinion about ADHD with reader questions and expert answers from our archives.

7 Myths About ADD... Debunked!
The truth about seven mistaken beliefs about ADHD.

Act Locally
How to start a support group in your area.

Coping With Skeptics
11 answers to common misconceptions about ADD.

Myths About ADD/ADHD
Fight misinformation with the harsh light of truth.

Overcoming the ADHD Stigma
An expert psychologist shares his secrets for fighting ADD/ADHD stereotyping.

Speaking Up for ADHD
Three ways to help friends and family understand that ADHD is a real disorder with real symptoms and real solutions.

Tell the World About ADD
How to share your ADHD story — and why it’s so important.

Expert Q&As

Explaining ADHD to Doubters
"How can you prove to others that your ADHD behaviors and symptoms are not your choice but rather the cause of ADHD?"

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Tools & Checklists

Everyday Ways to Be an ADHD Advocate
Help others understand ADHD.

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Outside Resources


Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder – CHADD

Attention Deficit Disorder Association – ADDA

The Importance of ADHD Awareness

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